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  • How might we open institutions to civil society and business sector so that they include business and CSO in policy design and decision making?
  • How might we increase interest of business authorities and CSO so they could open dialogue, cooperate and map common interest?
  • How might we increase media and civic literacy so that media and citizens could better understand the process of EU integration?
  • How might we strengthen capacity of institutions so that they are more inclusive in policy making and overseeing process?
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Hello & Welcome to a worldwide network of development experts, policy makers, innovation enthusiasts, educators and connectors, all committed to one mission: using co-creation and hacking to make this world a better place for all.

This is the virtual home of what we call the “DevPolHack” = a word that merges development, policy and hackathons. We started with #DevPolHack in 2021. On this page you will find out about experiences, practice and ways of hacking social and climate challenges across industries and borders.

Current DevPolHack

Get Ready for the Current DevPolHack: Unleash Your Creativity and Drive Impactful Innovation!

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming hackathon, where innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving will converge in an electrifying atmosphere! Get ready to join a community of passionate individuals, tech enthusiasts, and change-makers who are eager to make a tangible difference through the power of technology.

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Helvetas Regional Advocacy Network

The network gathers like-minded individuals to discuss solutions that different Helvetas projects (e.g., DEMOS, Strong Municipalities, RisiAlbania, Education for Employment in North Macedonia, and ACT in Serbia have successfully applied and to engage in consistent knowledge sharing.


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