01. Preparation Innovation Partner

Innovation Partner

In the #DevPolHack community, creativity is a collective superpower, not a measure for comparison. The more you share, the greater the potential for spreading creativity. Active participation is crucial. Share your challenge, and our Regional Advocacy Network Members are prepared to craft a solution for You!

In the #DevPolHack world, creativity is a shared superpower and not something we compare each other with. The more you share, the more you spread the possibility for creativity. Engagement is key.
Share your challenge – our Regional Advocacy Network Members are ready to develop a solution for You!

Innovation Partner – anyone with a challenge to solve, who has an in-depth understanding of the challenge and the local context it appears. As a first step, please watch out for the Future DevPolHacks website because all open calls for Challenges are always published there (even before event registrations are open). When you see an open call, please apply and share as much detail about your challenge as possible. Dear Innovation Partner! This open call is for you! Please apply and share as much detail about your challenge as possible. After the application is sent, you will get an answer in a few days! Follow us in social media!

Great to see that you have a challenge to solve – we are passionate about exactly that! This is our Innovation Partner!

Do participate in a preparatory session to concretize the challenge and get focused! The organizer will host two consecutive exercises to help you formulate the problem as a challenge.

Use our suggested tools:

Together, we will shed some new light on how you understand the problem and what you can expect from the #DevPolHack experience. We will have to choose the mentors and jury members.

After participants are confirmed, you, mentors, and jury members will join an onboarding session where you will meet Teams, which will work on your challange.

Together with Mentors and Jury Members our Team is ready to launch the #DevPolHack Challenge. This session helps us to share tasks and get engaged! Meet our Mentors and Jury Members in our social media. Mentor – is anyone with experience and expertise in the challenge. The mentor will help the teams progress and develop their idea in a feasible way.

Jury Member – jury member is anyone with experience and expertise in the challenge and/or the local context and can assess the ideas in order to choose the winning one.