02. Preparation Participant

We offer a robust framework, myriad resources and tons of support. However, the value and knowledge you gain from #DevPolHack depend on your active involvement. While a facilitator will guide you through the process, each participant is expected to take the lead. Connect with motivated peers, seize the opportunity to win a prize, step out of anonymity, and become the newest #DevPolHack Champion Team!

We provide you with a solid framework, myriad resources and tons of support, but ultimately how much value and knowledge you get out of the #DevPolHack will depend on you. The process will always have a facilitator to guide you through, but the process requires that every participant takes the driver’s seat. Get to know motivated peers and win a prize! Get out of anonymity! Be our new #DevPolHack Champion Team!

A participant is anyone who registers and takes an active part in the #DevPolHack experience. Great decision – this will surely be an unforgettable experience! As a participant in the #DevPolHack, you are responsible for embracing the attitude and responsibilities of a designer.

Apply now!

After the application is sent, you will get an answer in a few days!

Get to know your team and join a session where you can share more about each other. The organizer will invite you to one. Immediately after, we also encourage setting up a WhatsApp group with your team members, so you can get to know each other better.

We’ll get engaged in collective games, which are a wonderful way of connecting. Get introduced to various tools, we are going to jointly use!

Share a photo of your team to social media and promote the start of the DevPolHack. Spread the voice!