06. Iteration & Validation

Participants - Innovation Partner - Mentors

Now, it’s time for testing.
In this phase, you may discover the pivotal feedback that could elevate your idea to a winning level. Let’s dive in and play first!

Congratulations on reaching the final stage of the process – the Testing Stage! Typically, participants feel a bit anxious about testing their prototypes with stakeholders and users. However, rest assured, there’s nothing to worry about. In this phase, you might discover the most crucial feedback that elevates your idea to a winning one! Let’s begin the play!

“Think of your Theory of Change as a screenplay for a movie, encompassing the entire narrative and illustrating how each scene unfolds. Similar to a film, it’s crucial to understand not just the storyline but also the roles of each participant at different points. Given that your organization may not be the sole advocate, it’s likely that you’ll collaborate with partners and allies, or perhaps play a facilitating and supportive role in advocacy efforts led by others. In the subsequent phase, develop your Action Plan incorporating all additional necessary details.


You have done a great job!

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