08. Follow up, Monitoring & Evaluation

Participants and Innovation Partners

It’s time to conclude this experience.

Every ending marks a new beginning!


We trust you had an enjoyable experience at DevPolHack, just as we did! It was a blend of fun, excitement, and challenges. Share your participant’s journey by completing the #DevPolHack survey; it only takes 5 minutes! Your insights, both as participants and Innovation Partners, are invaluable. Specifically for our Innovation Partners, now that you have a winning solution, please remember that further effort is needed to prepare it for implementation. Your role as an Innovation Partner is vital in ensuring the readiness and long-term implementation success of this solution.

Evaluation Survey

Experience Survey

Whether you emerged victorious or not, we trust that DevPolHack provided you with fresh insights, innovative techniques, and valuable connections! Please take a moment to share your experience by crafting a testimonial for our team or providing feedback in one of the emails you’ll receive from the organizers. Thank you for being a part of this impactful journey!

Now that you possess your winning solution, it’s crucial to acknowledge that further efforts are needed to ready it for implementation. Your role as an innovation partner is pivotal in ensuring the readiness and long-term success of this solution. Adopt a step-by-step approach to steer you toward the successful implementation of the proposed solution. Transform the proposed solution into a winning project. We sincerely appreciate your valuable contribution to this endeavor!

#DevPolHack participants would like to hear about you! In order to document the success, we advice you to use Advocacy Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

Share your Success Structure

Advocacy and Monitoring Tool (chapter 7)

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