Toolbox #DevPolHack

The #DevPolHack process brings you new lenses and perspectives to tackling the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our times. How we design solutions using advocacy and digital tools has changed. Traditional problem-solving methodologies were invented for a world where change was slower, less frequent, far more predictable, and much more controllable. In this toolbox, you will find all the nitty-gritty details of what makes the #DevPolHack one-of-a-kind.

This toolbox is meant for organisers and challengers. The content of this toolbox is organized in eight chapters, following the major phases of a DevPolHack. Each chapter has sub-chapters and steps, combined with a variety of games, downloadable templates and Miro board links that make every step engaging, meaningful and understandable. In all honesty, it is a text-heavy toolbox but we promise that if you roll up your sleeves and dive into it, you will discover a fun, radically human space of honesty, insights and practical tips.

Let’s get into it!