03. Problem Identification & Empathy

Innovation Partner and Participants

Every DevPolHack is a unique experience. Even if this is not your first time, make sure to give it all your attention, as uninterrupted as possible.

“Yup, the moment has arrived!
We are officially launching the #DevPolHack experience right now.”

“As an Innovation Partner, prepare to extend a warm greeting to everyone and present your challenge following the check-in. Participants, be sure to activate your active listening mode, as creative inspiration will start flowing into your minds from the very first minute.

Engage in a discussion with the Innovation Partner about the Problem Definition, actively building your understanding of the challenge.”

As participants connect and understand the challenge by using a number of tools that allow you to dig deeper into the problem. Be positive!

“As participants engage and grasp the challenge using a variety of tools to delve deeper into the problem, it’s time to collaborate with your team. Stay positive and let the collective effort unfold!”

Time to build a common understanding between you as participants and the Innovation Partner about the real problem you are going to solve.

“The problem is clearly defined, and your team is poised to delve into the solution. It’s time to unveil the challenge you’re working on!

Let’s amplify the message through social media, sharing your thoughts and feelings about the challenge with your friends!”

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Problem Tree
Context Map


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