07. Celebration & Pitching

Participants and Jury

It’s time for pitching and celebration.
The jury has been introduced to your developed ideas. Let’s begin!

Familiarize yourself with the jury members to understand your audience for the pitch. Each #DevPolHack comes with distinct Judging Criteria for evaluation; make certain you are well-acquainted with them.​

Ou la la! Get ready, your team is about to pitch! Exciting, isn’t it? Ensure you select the person(s) who will be delivering the pitch and follow the steps outlined in the presentation. We’ve provided you with all the tips and tricks to make your pitch unforgettable. Best of luck! 

Each team will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a selected jury. The standard format is a 3-minute pitch followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. Before commencing your pitch, take a moment to refresh your memory on the criteria established for this DevPolHack.

Savor these moments! As the jury deliberates, seize the opportunity to prepare for the celebration. Ease stress with simple techniques or treat yourself to a celebratory moment.

You are all winners as, in #DevPolHack, we value the experience you bring.

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Pitch Structure Pitch


Template of Jury Bio
Template with evaluation criteria
Logo of Award

How could we solve the problem by using digital advocacy? What social causes are you going to address and achieve?

Template to Make it Public